Anne Helen Robberstad (1970) is an artist from Haugesund based in Stavanger, Norway. She graduated in 2000 from the Academy of Fine Arts, NTNU, in Trondheim.

During her studies she had a three-month residency in London where she took courses at London Electronic Arts. Anne Helen Robberstad works with video, sound and photo, often combining them to create a comprehensive installation. Robberstad works with themes such as decay and belonging, death and the circle of how nature are beeing connected to a relationship between human beeings, animals and places. In recent years she has begun to explore the borderland between video art and documentary genre, and the crossover field between art and society.

Robberstad has participated in numerous exhibitions in Norway and abroad: International Culture Centre and Museum in Oslo IKM, Henie Onstad Art Center (Høvikodden), Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (Trondheim), Bilbao Arte Spain She has participated in various film festivals such as Hamburg Kurzfilmfestival In Hamburg, VDOR Break 21 Lubliana, and the band Mages In France.